Our vision – Make aging easier.

Our mission – Connect members to senior care resources and encourage relationship building to help community seniors. 

Care Options Network is the most widely used and respected information resource for senior care professionals in the Greater Twin Cities Area of Minnesota. 

Now, for the first time, we are sharing our comprehensive data with you in this fully searchable website. We’ve collected and organized the services available for seniors. No personal information or fee is required from you to use this website to help you find the services you need.

Since our inception in 1989, our focus at Care Options Network has been to support social workers who are often the first referral source to seniors, caregivers, and their families looking for housing or services. In order to assist this referral relationship, we publish the SeniorCare GuideBook, a spiral-bound annual reference book that many who use it call their “Bible.”

When we started this membership network, there were 100 senior care members and today we are one of the most comprehensive member-supported networks with over 1,000 members. Our members are a broad range of businesses and services from home care providers to elder law attorneys to senior living communities. Individual contact is made annually with each of these members to collect their current information accurately and convey it impartially.

In addition to assisting with member referrals, Care Options Network also serves its members with marketing and networking support.